Present on the market since 1969 FODER ITALIA is specialized in the marketing of leather Bovine, Ovine, Suine used for lining in footwear.

The range of colors is unlimited offer and the guarantee of the product is in compliance with applicable regulations.


FODER ITALIA S.R.L. unipersonale
Via F.lli Cervi scn – 63812 MONTEGRANARO (FM) – ITALIA
Tel. e Fax. 0734/923533 – 


FODER ITALIA is simply passion, experience and customer care applied to trade in hides and shoe linings.

It the passion of its people and the experience of Giuseppe Raparo, gained in over 50 years of his life dedicated to the sector of leather. Is the customer care that is followed with the utmost seriousness and competence by Gianluca Brillarelli.


A selection of images will allow you to ‘enter’ into our reality and ‘touch’ first-hand the variety of our offer