FODER ITALIA is simply passion, experience and customer care applied to the trade of shoe leather. It is the passion of its people, Giuseppe Raparo and Gianluca Brillarelli, who bring their skills, dedication and enthusiasm at the disposal of its partners. It is the experience of Joseph Raparo, gained in over 50 years of his life dedicated to the sector of leather, which ensures reliability and durability unparalleled. It is the customer care, a hallmark of the work of Gianluca Brillarelli, or listen to and understand the specific needs even before to meet them.
Our team is at your disposal, at the showroom in Via Fratelli Cervi Montegranaro, so that you can reach out and touch the values ​​that distinguish us and the quality of the products that we offer. The visit to our center will be an important investment for your shoes, because our excellence is your success.