Present on the market since 1969 foder ITALY is specialized in the marketing of leather Bovine, Ovine, Suine used for lining in footwear. The products are well known for their natural colors that highlight the features of both of Aniline and Semi Aniline Finished antistingimento. The range of colors that we can offer is unlimited and we are able to satisfy customers using classic colors, and customers using colored products, which we can guarantee the origin in accordance with the regulations.






Here is a selection of our best offers

  • Calves full size 12/25 FP – Thickness 0.8 / 1.1 – Vacuum or Frame
  • Half calf size 10/20 FP – Thickness 0.8 / 1.1 – Vacuum or Frame
  • All calves you can have a full flower or Aniline Finished Antistingimento
  • Calf designed to Fusbett Vacuum or Aniline Finished Antistingimento Thickness 1.0
  • Crusts calf vacuum Fusbett slip, classic colors and the sample size 5/10 Thickness 0.8 / 1.0
  • Goat Crust 4/7 size PQ classic colors
  • Goat Finished glossy or matte 4/7 size PQ classic colors available and color to make the sample drum-dyed or finished side flower
  • Pig grain provenance Taiwan Semi Trimmed size 10/16 PQ – thickness 0,7 / 0,8 – Various colors
  • Classic Colours thicknesses various size 6.10 PQ